George wants that shortcrete become a regular

It is more convenient to apply than poured in concrete and hardens with the same consistency without sagging. It is the only authorized distributor for Aliva shotcrete/concrete spraying equipment in Western Canada.”

George wants that shortcrete become a regular feature in Winnipeg construction and more and more people incorporate this method for better structural precision and durability.

Founded in 1989, Multicrete Systems specializes in shotcrete equipment, ready mix concrete supply and grout in Canada and serves the Winnipeg construction, China Schwing Spare Parts mining, and civil and heavy construction industries in Manitoba. The company was renamed Multicrete Systems in 2002.

Founded in Vancouver by George Nickel ,who is an engineer by profession, the company was originally known as Terracate. In the United States and Canada, shotcrete is becoming popular because it provides faster turn around time and is cost effective.

George Nickel, co-founder and president of Multicrete Systems says, “You can also apply shotcrete in tight spaces and even directly overhead, such as in a tunnel. Handling a shortcrete hose is no child’s play as the shotcrete exits the nozzle at 480 km/hr or 300mph.

Multicrete System’s expert nozzleman ensured that there was proper compaction through skilled handling of the shortcrete equipment. Fuller Construction, the company in charge of the restoration, approved Multicrete for the shortcrete project after a trial test proved successful. Multicrete’s crew, over a four month period, prepared the substrate for the shotcrete which was supplied by a ready mix concrete supply company in Ottawa. In addition to mixing shotcrete, Multicrete manufactures equipment for grouting and shotcrete application for sale and lease.